Ruzenski Land Surveying
We are happy to announce the opening of our East Setauket Office.

Company Mission Statement

Unmatched quality supported by predecessor records not available in any public archive. 130 +years and three generations of continuous service. A Legal boundary retracement and survey map cannot be made without predecessor records which are not available in the “public domain”. Legal retrace differs from “Surveyors opinion”.
In the interest of continuous good and valuable service provided by our predecessor firms for the Town of Huntington & its four Villages, Ruzenski Land Surveying now libraries the largest map record plant through the purchase of the listed predecessor firms.
At RLS we feel the worth of ownership of predecessor records assures our clients a level of service not available to others that elect to survey. Our clients benefit from a professional determination based on following the footsteps of the predecessor surveyor. Not based upon an opinion with little or incorrect available evidence.
At RLS we feel this also gives us a competitive advantage which we are happy to pass along to our clients. Our fees remain competitive from the access to the map information we archive. The result is expedience not available to our competition.