We Maintain The Land & Boundary Records Of:

S.V. Whitney c.1880 (Partial)

W.B. Codling Esq. (Partial)

Roswell S. Baylis C.E. & L.S. c.1906 Inc. 1926

Albert C. Purdy L.S. (President)

Jesse W.Wells C.E & L.S. c.1911 (partial)

John B. Blydenburgh L.S. & J.W. Wells
C.E. & L.S.

Blydenburgh Survey

J.B. Blydenburgh & Frank H. Bayles L.S.

J.B. Blydenburgh & Fredrick B. Saxe C.E. & L.S.

Elden G.Conklin L.S. c. 1940
Charles F. Thomas L.S. - Thomas Assoc.

Frank Asbury C.E. & L.S. c.1900

William F. Asbury L.S.

Walter H.Doyle C.S. & L.S. - Island Land Surveying Co.

Andrew Pizanelli L.S.P.C.

Edward Pizanelli L.S.

William G. Ruzenski L.S. (Partial) c.1961

Paul Ruzenski L.S.

Paul James Ruzenski L.S.

3 generations + 135 years of continuous service.